Friday, October 12, 2018


There's two ways to get involves staying out in the sun too long.  There other is to watch the Daniel Boone TV show's 'Tanner' episode.

That's Neville Brand and Darby in the Daniel Boone TV show 'Tanner', which aired in October 5th of 1967.
On a side note, for those that enjoy such things, according to the imdb website, after Israel first encounters Tanner, Israel attempts to run away but falls down a hill and is knocked unconscious. When Tanner picks up Israel to carry him to the creek, a large mud spot about a foot square shows on Israel's right rear hip. At the creek Tanner sprinkles water on Israel to awaken him, then Israel quickly gets up and walks away. His pants leg is now dry with no signs of a mud spot.
And this wasn't the 1st time these two appeared on screen together. Check out part of their history together in these two photos!