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DID YOU KNOW - Facts about Wild Faith the movie

It only rained once during the filming of "Wild Faith." It lasted 30 minutes and then stopped.
For a movie filmed mostly outdoors in unpredictable Michigan weather, that seemed like an unexpected miracle to many among the cast and crew.
But not the lead actor, Shane Hagedorn.
“I can honestly say that, every film that we’ve done, the weather has done exactly what we needed it to,” said Hagedorn, who also is a producer for the film, which was shot in and around Hastings and Battle Creek. “I’ve even had cast and crew going ‘This has never happened on any other film I’ve worked on.’ We’re just glad to have the opportunity on this earth to create, and God provides those opportunities."

"Wild Faith" is an independent Christian movie set in Michigan in 1875. It follows Emmett Murphy, a Civil War veteran struggling with his memories and his community as he tries to keep his family together, including a black woman and her daughter whom he has taken in.
“We had to find areas of Michigan that had historical parks and could look like it was untouched by time,” Hagedorn said. “Barry County was a no-brainer for us. It was beautiful, and we appreciated their enthusiasm in bringing us on board.”
A lot of the filming happened in Historic Charlton Park in Hastings and a frontier cabin at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center campgrounds in Dowling, which is between Hastings and Battle Creek.
It took the director, Jesse Low, weeks of scouting to find a cabin that would work for the movie.
A pioneer cabin from the early 1800s was brought down to the campground in the 1970s from Alpena, said Matthew Santner, the events and day program coordinator at the center. It burned down in 2004. The cabin at the camp now was based on the original.

“They filmed on site at the Outdoor Education Center for five days, and it was fun to have them here,” Santner said.

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