Monday, December 4, 2017

I'm a Mary Ann over Ginger guy any day.

Look what I got in the mail with a "Feel Better" note from my 'Pal-Gal' Dawn Wells. So sweet of her!! She knew I was admiring one she had at one of the shows we did together. And yes, it made me feel GREAT 😁 So much so I want to do what I can to help others give that feeling to their friends and family, (or even themselves), if they are a 'Daniel Boone' fan or a fan of mine. Just like I'm a fan of 'Gilligan's Island' and Dawn. So, I'm going to go on my website and cut the prices on items that I have there. And for the month of December I'll even pay for any of the shipping charges. Hope that makes some of your Holidays even merrier❗️(Now all I have to do is figure out just how to make those changes - 🤔 Donnieeeeeee...)

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