Tuesday, November 21, 2017


And that's why they say we have an Opioid Epidemic! Update on my neck since some have been asking. Even though I was sitting between Bruce Boxleitner & Rob Word with my neck brace on at a great little luncheon that Larry Floyd had for some of us Williamsburg Film Festival attendees a few weeks back. Both Bruce & Rob had had the operation that my doctor wanted/wants my to have. Remove vertebras 5, 6, & 7. Bruce had it a few years ago and Rob 10 years before that and they both said it turned out great and the recovery time after the operation wasn't "that' bad. But I had a heart to heart talk with my body and we came to an agreement that we'll just go ahead and keep all the God given body parts we could. And with all the healing help from the Cryotherapy I did, that helped with all the inflammation & swelling, and the wonderful Dr. Ric that worked on my ligaments and muscles that support my neck; I decided to put away the brace for good. I was also very anxious to stop taking all the pills I'd been given to take. Trouble was the doctor didn't tell me, and I didn't read all the paperwork that came with the pills, that if I stoped the nerve meds abruptly the pain could, and did, come back twice as bad. So, I went back on them and then weened myself off slowly. The pain was now gone but oh the depression and days of just wanting to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed all day that followed. And anybody that knows me knows that's not me!! And then there is that little voice inside your head that tells you if you just take a couple more of those little pills you'll feel much better. Now the only reason that I'm writing the long post is to let anyone out there that is going thru something like this know that you are not alone and it's not easy. Heck I teach this stuff. In the years I was a Master Trainer with Tony Robbins and then in my private practice as a Personal Life Coach I've helped people get off even crack and meth and still I was having a hard time myself just getting off these prescription drugs. And I certainly didn't want to reach out to family or even very supportive friends on Facebook for help, much less actually getting out and doing something about my state of mind. But that's just what you HAVE to do. Get up and get out and be active!! For me it was just taking the dogs to the dog park and even more importantly forcing myself to remember all I have to be thankful about. Like I said, it's not easy or they wouldn't be calling it an epidemic if it was. But there are steps you can take and boy does it feel great to step out of that cloud of depression and watch it blow away like a summer storm. And if you know someone you think might be going thru this just give them lots of love and support and any help they might need to feel better about themselves because they are probably pretty down on themselves and just wanting to shut themselves off from even the best intentions. That's just how these drugs make a lot of people feel. I've already gone on too long. I just wanted to let a lot of you know why you haven't heard from me for a while - but I'm back and looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. ENJOY & be GRATEFUL!!

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